The Vegas Veterans Hockey Foundation is a local non-profit organization that serves to bring military veterans and their families together around the game of hockey. It's members represent all branches of the United States armed services. The Foundation looks to not only positively impact it's veteran and active duty military service members and the local veteran community but also their families, as we know first-hand the commitment and sacrifice that our military families have to endure to ensure the defense of our nation. 

On the ice the VVHF looks to create a safe and supportive environment that attempts to recreate the bond and camaraderie that so many military members miss once leaving military service. The positive environment fostered by the VVHF can be therapeutic for our veterans.

Off the ice the VVHF is committed to providing as much positive impact to the local Las Vegas community as possible. Our efforts are not only focused on the local military and veteran communities but on the community as a whole. We look forward to partnering with local establishments to conduct charity fundraising events for local charitable organizations.

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